About Reborn Kyoto

Reborn Kyoto is a non profit organization working to nurture the economic independence of young and old women in developing countries through the instruction of dressmaking and textile technology using donated Japanese kimonos.

At the end of WWII, Japan was nearly destroyed.  Millions died and the entire infrastructure of the industry, government and society was in tatters.  With the help of international support and through the hard work and sacrifice of the Japanese people, the Japanese economy became what it is today, one of the largest economies in the world.  In recognition of its own reliance upon donations and assistance during those difficult times, many Japanese people accept their responsibility to assist other developing nations, which themselves have been beset by calamities and misfortunes.

Reborn Kyoto was created to provide a way to contribute to the international effort to assist the developing countries by helping to develop cottage industries for the disadvantaged women and children in these societies.  Sewing is a primary skill, which is essential in the fabrication of clothing.  Using donated kimonos, Reborn Kyoto established training centers in various impoverished areas to teach uneducated and unemployed residents how to make modern garments using the delicate silk material of the kimono.  The trainees are instructed in all areas of sewing and tailoring by experienced and qualified professionals so they can procure employment after the training sessions.

Completed garments and accessories using the recycled kimono materials are then sent back to Japan where they are finished for final sale.  The completed products are annually sold in Reborn Wear exhibitions throughout the world.  The proceeds from these sales are used to fund Reborn Kyoto operations and training programs, as well as to provide financial incentives for trainees to give them confidence in their abilities to earn an income through their own labor.

2014 Sale
Opening Reception:
Fri, 11/14, 6-8pm

General Sales:
Sat, 11/15, 11-6pm
Sun, 11/16, 11-5pm


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Fern Remedi­Brown
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Andrea Garr
Marcia Katz
Peg Kelly

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Ying Wang
Khue Kim Quach